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Canberra & Surrounding Regions
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Terms & Conditions


  1. Noise Regulations: We (Atlantis Projex Pty Ltd) have sought the give you (the customer) advise on the appliance that best meets your needs. We have also sought a location for the product that is suitable to you, and which we seek to minimise the likelihood of noise levels generated by the product effecting your neighbours.
  2. The noise levels of the product may, at some hours of the day not comply with the low noise levels for residential areas permitted under the ACT and NSW legislation. We are not aware of a market product that complies with these noise levels all of the time. Due to current noise regulations in the ACT & NSW, NO domestic air-conditioners sold into the market meet the current standard of 45dba day time and 35dba night time. The customer is therefore responsible for the final decision on the outdoor unit location, if for any reason this unit needs to be relocated, it will be at the customer’s expense.
  1. This document is a non-binding order on the company until acceptance by the customer by signing the acceptance of quotation for the contact number set out overleaf.
  2. This contract is conditional on the company having the goods available at the quoted price within 3 months of the order and the customer accepting the quotation within 30 days of the quotation. Installation of the goods is conditional on:
    1. The availability of natural gas mains or pipes for the supply of natural gas at the site or the availability of liquified petroleum gas (LPG) at the site; and
    2. The availability of electricity mains for the supply of electricity at the site.
  3. The company takes no responsibility for damage, loss of memory etc of any electrical products (e.g. computers, stereo systems, etc.) that may occur due to power disconnection due to installation.
  4. The heating and cooling capacity of the unit is based upon the home having a minimum of R3.0 ceiling insulation and adequate curtains or blinds to all windows.
  5. The good sand services provided under this contract do not, unless specifically stated in writing, include the following
    1. Electrical disconnection or connection of any appliance/installation or alteration of power points.
    2. Removal of existing appliances, replacement or flue or modification of any structures to accept the goods or services.
    3. Restoration work including but not limited to structures, interior décor, pathways, rockeries, paving, or landscaping.
    4. Responsibility for the size and/or condition of existing pipework and air-conditioning and central heating ductwork.
    5. Any necessary alterations or relocations or repair of existing services.
    6. Any approvals of, or ensuring compliance with requirements of, local councils or other government or statutory authorities.
    7. Goods or work due to hinderance by or negligent acts or omissions by the customer.
  6. The company shall not be liable or responsible for any work done by any licenced or other fitter that leads to loss, damage or injury due to improper or defective material or workmanship in any way whatsoever, except if due to the company’s negligence.
  7. The contract is subject to those rights and remedies in respect of the goods and/or services which the customer has under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Commonwealth) and similar State and Territory laws which cannot be excluded at law; and such conditions and warranties as are expressly stated herein.
  8. Where the contract is signed by more than one person they shall be bound jointly and severally.
  9. The company may request that the customer pay to the company a non-refundable deposit of the GST inclusive price for the goods and; or services to be provided under this contact. If the company requests the payment of such deposit, this contract is conditional on the payment by the customer of that deposit on the date of this contract or on or before such other date as is specified by the company. If the customer terminates this contract prior to the installation of the goods or otherwise fails to perform their obligations under this contract, any such deposit may be forfeited to the company and the customer has no right to the deposit. Upon completion of the contract the company must apply any such deposit in a satisfying part of the GST inclusive price for the goods and services to be provided under this contract.
  10. Notwithstanding that delivery has been made of any goods, tile to the goods shall not pass from the company to the customer until such a time as full payment is received of the purchase price of the goods and the purchase price of any other goods sold pursuant to the agreement.
  11. It is the customers responsibility to inform us of the presence of any asbestos material in the home before commencement of work if any asbestos material is found it is the customers responsibility to arrange for the removal of the asbestos material. Work will not commence until the asbestos material has been disposed of.
  12. It is the customers responsibility to obtain all necessary approvals, including planning, heritage and body corporate prior to the commencement if any works. The installation of photovoltaic grid systems, solar hot water or any other product requiring approval will not commence until the appropriate body has given written consent to proceed.
  13. The final price is determined by the company and company cannot be held to any advertised pricing.
  14. Additional charges beyond advertised prices may apply based upon the install circumstances, such as but not limited to: double story, limited roof access, insufficient existing power supply.