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Ducted reversers cycle heating and cooling

Given their ability to heat and cool, ducted air conditioning is very popular in Canberra and is the key to comfort all year round, whatever the conditions. Ducted air conditioning provides quiet, unobtrusive climate control. By controlling the compressor rotation speed more precisely, this technology provides high-speed heating, cooling and comfort with extra energy savings compared to non-inverter models. Ducted reverse cycle heating and cooling is a whole-home solution.

Our ducted air conditioning systems are completely flexible. We can customise this system for any application or living situation. We suggest you consider brands such as Panasonic and Mitsubishi due to their energy efficiency and advanced inverter technology.

Ducted heating and cooling systems are comprised of two units connected together by copper piping, one system is installed outside the home and the other in the ceiling, or under the floor. This indoor system is then connected to multiple ducts to distribute the heated or cooled air throughout your home.

Unlike split system air conditioners, which cool individual rooms or areas, ducted air conditioners can provide cooling to every room, making them an efficient choice for homes and businesses.

Split systems and multi systems

    Wall-mounted Split Air conditioning systems are one of the most commonly used systems within the residential air conditioning market. These systems are affordable and easy to maintain and are ideal for the cooling and heating of a single room or open space. Split air conditioning systems work with a component of the system, the condenser, outside your house and the fan coil component being installed inside your home.

    A Multi-Head Split Systems allows multiple indoor units to be connected to one outdoor condenser. Each indoor unit can be individually controlled and set to the desired room temperature or schedule. This system can be set to varying temperatures for different rooms, talk to our team at Atlantis for your best option.

Ducted Gas Heating

Gas Ducted Heating seems to be one of the most popular heating systems in Canberra, and makes for a great addition to your ducted air conditioner. This popularity is due to the ability to deliver a steady stream of warm air throughout your home even when the temperatures outside are sub-zero.

Your Ducted Gas systems can be installed with zoning systems or our team at Atlantis can add zoning to an existing system. Zoning helps reduce the running costs of a Ducted Heating system, allowing you to choose the areas or rooms of your home you wish heat.

Evaporative systems

    Evaporative Cooling uses the natural cooling properties of water to lower the temperature of the air. Our team at Atlantis Projex are able to offer some of the best Evaporative Cooling prices to our customers. Not only do we stock the industry’s leading brands, but our expert sales technicians can guide you on the best option to suit your home and budget.

    Evaporative cooling requires a hot, dry and low-humidity climate to work effectively, this is suited to our local area climate. Unlike traditional air conditioning, Evaporative Cooling needs open windows or doors to function properly ensuring that hot internal air can be pushed outside and the cool air entering via the vents. Our Atlantis technicians are here to help you understand how this could work and be beneficial in your home.

    Evaporative cooling may be particularly good for people suffering from hay fever, asthma or allergies, this system could provide some relief from symptoms. Evaporative systems require regular cleaning and maintenance but can be up to eight times cheaper to run than refrigerated cooling, saving the environment and on running cost.

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